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    Jan 18, 2015
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    Hello everyone,

    I have been browsing around BHW for a long time already, but finally decided to join & introduce myself. My name is Martin, I'm a design student from Latvia, and I just quit my part-time job to start making some more (hopefully) money from the skills I have - designing graphics, building websites, translating and copywriting. At the same time, I'm very motivated to get a better grasp of IM, as I have started to build a website to promote an innovative product which I use on daily basis and which has really changed my life.

    Since a lot of posts in this forum have already been very inspirational for me, I think this is the place which will really help me achieve my goals. If I, too, will be able to somehow help someone, I will definetely give back to the community.

    Take care, stay focused & keep gettin' money!