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    Jan 12, 2010
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    Hey, name's Ryan.

    I found this forum and it looks like the best one about internet marketing that I've found in a long time. Seems to be less jerks than the others have.

    Anyways, a little bit about me is that I have read a ridiculous amount of eBooks on internet marketing, I did a $1000 (crappy) course on internet marketing, I also have many real books and magazines on the subject... and yet I've never really made any actual money from my studies.
    Mind you, I never really put any of my knowledge to full-fledged work.

    I'm also a freelance Graphic Designer so of corse I use a Mac, witch happens to suck when it comes to internet marketing applications. But I have Parallels now so that will have to do until I score enough cash for a marketing-dedicated NetBook.

    So I think you know enough about me for now.
    Glad to be here and cant wait to learn more and finally put it all to use in this new year :)