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    I've been dabbling in seo for a few years, got laid off from my day job and found myself helping a few buddies get their payment processing company off the ground. Long story short, getting laid off may have been the best thing that ever happened to me as instead of sitting behind a desk 9-5 I'm now out hustling my own deals. I also have my own online physical goods niche and have managed 1st page google for many search terms.

    I'm here to learn how to expand my knowledge in mobile, and online marketing, sms, qr code etc as well as keeping up on techniques to keep me on page 1 and find new avenues for targeted traffic. I found BHW via a search regarding email marketing, a section that appears to have been deleted.

    In return I can help setup SagePay as well as other merchant account gateways both online and off. If anyone has a need for these type of services or wants to offer these types of services to clients we do have a referral program.