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    Hello Guys,

    I know that I have missed something, but I couldn't figure out what was it..
    And now I got it..

    I forgot to post a topic with an Introduction..

    So.. Hello Guys, my Name is Simeon, I'm 18 years old, young IT Webmaster and a bit of SEO guy.. :)

    I own 2 arcade portals (For Online games)
    And I'm verry happy about that.. But they doesn't bring me almost any money.. :(

    By the way, if there are guys here who have facebook pages (no matter how many likes the pages have), can they please post one of my websites there.
    If anyone is up to help me out, I will be very happy..
    Post here or send me PM, no worries :)

    I will be very grateful!

    Thank you guys,

    Best Regards,