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    Dec 31, 2009
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    ok I am using the imacro for firefox

    and i was wondering how can i make it for because i am using if for a pokmon rpg game where u click this button to find apokemon on the map but ne ways
    the game is http://www.tpmrpg.net and well i need help on it if ne one can make a script for that and a battle script record i will be pleased

    and i am gettin this error line 4 after i record the buttons and save it a name it logs the website then on the first click it count down from 5 then it says the error

    RuntimeError: element INPUT specified by ID:LA_2355810 was not found, line 4

    thats the error im getting so if anyone is willing to help me i am very greatful for it :) well thanks ^^
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    I have many Hats, Including a black one.
    My rep is ruined! lol
    this is a money making site. Google imacro and do some freaking research. Get this crap off of black hat world.