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Hello guys :))

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by rafin123gg, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. rafin123gg

    rafin123gg Newbie

    Mar 19, 2015
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    Hello, friends!
    First of all I would like to say that I am not writting this so I can get spoon fed by someone or whatever. Not like most people here I`ve taken time and effort and made some money online and right now I am looking to take it to the next level.
    I`ve been in IM for like 5-6 weeks now and I`ve read sooo much that I even cant think of any other thing that would interest me so much. This is something I like and love to do and has always been my dream. For those weeks I`ve been able to make around 150-160$ which is suprisingly much campared to a lot of people posting that they have 0 success.
    So lets get to the real part.
    I`ve decided to try affiliate marketing via clickbank.
    So my plan is to set up a landing page with a freebie ( provided by the aff page of the product ) with e-mail opt-in. After that using awaber as a e-mail list gatherer and tool for broadcasting e-mails ..like 1 e-mail per day on work days only.
    I think you get the idea but I am not going to go in much detail to explain the entire plan.
    The Niche is weight loss and my question is what paid traffic providers can you suggest me to use in the start of my campaing since I`m on a tight budged.
    The product has 200gravity (and can that be a problem).
    I`ve read all the guides from this forum and other forums too related to this type of IM.
    What sites and why(for paid traffic) would be great if you could give me some advice, detailed if possible.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. sam.hunt0710

    sam.hunt0710 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Feb 22, 2011
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