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    hello folks, i am new here . Been reading meathead's 100$ a day method, Tried it a couple of time but no luck :/ but ofcourse by doing that i learnt a lot of things like wordpress, proxies, hosting, domains and stuff . Will try that again but this time properly. I moved to canada from india in 2015 as an international student and been working part time too, so couldnt manage time to focus on IM . I want to start again but the question is should i leave my part time job and focus on studies+IM or i just let my life going on like this and wait for the moment :/ ???. I cant decide what to do . soon i will be 19 and i already have burden of my own expenses and college fees (which ofcourse is damn high for international students). Many here are elder than me and have experience of life, ups and downs. .. so should i take this risk .. of leaving my part time job and focusing on IM ?