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    Hi guys!!man seriously this site is gold. I first heard of black hat stuff from Rusell Brunson's Darkside. Now my mind is spinning. What lead me to that was watching an interview with tony robbins and him. I was lead to that because my mom bought us both tickets to Tony's Business Mastery event in Fiji (10k per person :eek:) as part of the package it came with 12 dvd interviews called 'new munny masters' (replace that with the real word) highly worth the torrent or tube if u find them.

    A little about me: I'm Ukranian born, grew up in Israel, moved to the US in '94. Out of desperation I joined the Navy when I was 18 and a year later I was scheming my way out. I started to pretend I had depression. Anyway eventually it became pretty hairy and I stood in front of a panel of master chiefs who were about to send me to the brig for being full of ****. But I didnt let up and didnt crack, i just lied n cried. Upon my successful (and honorable) departure from the Navy I decided I would study acting hahaha. I went to school in NY (nycda) which I was not invited to the second year. I then taught acting in the SF bay area, I moved to LA June of last year, since then I've immersed myself in economics, NLP (taking my master practitioner course already) Hollywood economics, and business.

    Anyway I'm really happy to be a part of this community and I'm looking for someone to in LA for a project I'm working on it's a guide for IMDB pro.

    It's a guide for actors on how to:

    A, find dream clients
    B, raise starmeter
    C, tap new markets

    I have a bubbl.us map made of the idea

    I'm looking for a blackhat or greyhat expert to find what are the easiest ways to raise the starmeter (since its just traffic by links)

    I'm not expecting to find anyone here because we're all on our grind but I'm just throwing it out there.

    thanks guys long live BHW!

    why isnt it letting POST THIS!!!!!!ARGHGG
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    Wow this is an awesome idea. any updates sir?
    PM ME