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    Dec 30, 2015
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    Bristol, UK
    Hi there,
    I'm Vilo. Polish immigrant living in the UK.
    First of all, you guys have already started to make an impact to my life. Im really happy to join your community and thanks for tons of stuff that im going to learn in next weeks/months/years. :)
    My life's been a bit rough in last few years as i was a junkie on a highway to hell. And I enjoyed this ride for real. But last year after some unexpected events in my life like almost overdosing, being assaulted a beaten out cold something clicked in my brain. :D I finally realised that life is cool and its really a not the best idea to play with death like i did. Some time later, totally by coincidence I found some article about Tony Robbins seminar. I gave shot to his books. And that was it. The change happened in an instant. I focused on following my dream of making music for living. I have written almost 20 tracks in a few months, started production process and... s t happened again. Last month i injured my wrist at work. As im a guitarist and its my weapon of choice its really sucks :) After being depressed for 2 weeks i started looking for the answers and options again.
    And then I found this forum.
    So here I am. I set a big goals and I see a great future for myself. Im not gonna give up.
    My journey continues here, I am gonna quit dayjob, earn enough money to support myself, fix my hand, pay my debts and come back to making music in 2016.
    I'm totally new to IM, but i have a great fun learning this stuff and reading your incredible stories. I am totally astonished by your community here.
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles but I wish you all the best for your recovery and that you are successful in your plans. Good Luck!
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    Hey Vilo, welcome to BHW!
    There's lots to learn here, so be sure to ask if you have any questions.
    Cheers :)