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Hello from India

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FredJones, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. FredJones

    FredJones Regular Member

    Jan 11, 2015
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    Hi BHW Members!

    I've been a visitor to this forum for long, but would always go away as I could not read the pages too well... the dark black color hurts my (weak) eyes like anything... until... someone showed me the magic of "Black Light vB4". Since then, I've been more regular here. Try to drop by and learn a bit when I have some time at hand, and also look for good deals!

    So I thought it is time for introducing myself "formally"!

    Have been in IM since March 2009. Yeah, time flies. Lucky that I have survived so many things - not exactly as a grand winner but have never been out. There have been times that I have made a lot, and other times that have not been too smooth. But - here I am - after six-and-a-half years - still enjoying the online business like anything. I'm part-time on IM, while my partner is full-time on it.

    I've been in many areas of IM. I've run SEO services in the past, written articles, have sold top-selling "products" (read: e-books), been in other areas such as health and relationships - I mean, I have really seen the spectrum over the years.

    Currently, I don't work in the IM niche at all (may come back some day of course). Into health equipment selling these days! Not doing bad with it! :)

    Shall be glad to both help and learn here. Do get in touch for any help that I can do for you!

    Stay calm and stay blessed. Thank you!