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    Hello Black Hatters-

    Uber here. I like to write so, be warned, this is longer than a normal introduction...

    I live in Hollywood (not as cool as the media makes it out to be, believe me) and have been a business owner and musical performing artist for many years. Plus, I play many cool musical instruments most folks have never heard or seen. I've had many different types of businesses and traveled the world over.

    I also was a coder in San Francisco during the dot com boom in the 90's. Wow, I didn't know shit and you could easily get a job from craigslist at that time, where they paid $75/hr to do html...and they fed you. You could play video games or pool anytime you wanted. And they had food 24/7. It was just a massive party. I worked 15 hours a day on purpose, so I could just bank the dough.

    And I was the lowest paid person at $75/hr! I never went to college for computers and never got a degree either. But I've owned businesses since I was 16 and have gone on to build about 20 businesses since that time.

    Currently, I own 4 businesses...and on my off time in the evenings, I am simply learning the slow and steady way of studying how to do Internet marketing.

    My 4 businesses:
    1. record label
    2. MLM health and wellness biz that is automated by about 75%
    3. a healing school - I'm currently wanting to transition to online
    4. a film production company

    I seem to be in learning mode right now, as I am learning how to build a DAW and record my next album, learning the language of Italian and learning BHW concepts for advertising online. I want to build a few websites for some ideas I have for downloads and want to learn how to do that plus advertise the site using these techniques.

    My other businesses could benefit financially by me using Black, Gray and White Hat techniques and that is my intention: to learn and apply what I learn here.

    So far, I've been reading a lot. :eek:

    Although 3 days ago, I'm happy to report, I made my first $80 from someone who bought my "services" of getting them 100 likes on 2 of their facebook pages. I did it with an imacro script I found here in BHW that some kind member gave away.
    So, I approached a few people on facebook that clearly needed Likes and they bought!
    I may even have another person buying 250 likes from me for $95...we'll see.
    I know it's not much but it is something. :D

    That was fun but I desire more automation in this type of work. I dont like to do the employee concept of getting hired by someone to do work. I'd rather learn to do more automated things and make money through PPC or something like that.
    I'm still learning all the techniques and I would be very open to any suggestions about making money. (But not fivrr type of work)

    I must admit, I've done this forum a bit backwards. :eek:

    You see, I joined back in 2008 with the intention of learning how to use IM stuff. And then got involved in other businesses and travels,etc.
    But here I am again. I never even posted until recently, but kept my account active and occasionally peeped in to read a few things but not like I am doing now, studying every night.
    There is so much to read and learn! :p

    Then I posted about 15 posts before I decided to come and introduce myself here.

    My intention is to become an VIP member too, so I get access to the other members only sections, etc. Soon, I'll be donating but want to make a little more money so I can apply that to the donation.

    Anyway, I look forward to learning and possibly doing business with you here.

    Thanks and here's to working smart, enjoying life and manifesting money,
    Uber :cool:
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    Welcome on the board and GL with your IM career.

    How? Where did you find these people lol?
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    thats exactly what I want to know!

    100 likes for 80 , lol wtf these people must have the brain size of a walnut!
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    100 likes for $80.i will like to work with you if you can find good paying customer like that.
    PM for further info