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    Dropping by to say hello to everyone. I am hoping to learn a lot from here. I know NOTHING about internet marketing but I am willing to learn and put in the time and hard work. I am hoping to be able to find ways to make around $2000 per month doing this, is probably much for a person who knows nothing but at least that is what I hope to achieve at first. The person who referred me to this site said my goal was low but I am being realistic here, from what I read it could be even less at first right?? Anyways, I also have a question about how to promote a link in like maybe Twitter, Facebook or even Google when people search for Lyft. I am a driver for them on the weekends and I have a link I can offer to people who want to become drivers also and I get paid when they sign up. Any ideas on how I could go about doing that?? Oh! and yeah, forgot to say the most important part ... not so much money to start with :( Please help with ANY input!!! Thank YOU.