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    I have been a long time BHW lurker and do not know why I have never really posted much. Recently I have been becoming much more focused on my IM efforts letting a lot of crappy site drop and focusing on just a few main sites.

    I live in Bellingham WA. If there are any other BHW out there that want to chat or anything that would be super cool.

    My sites I am currently running are a brand new ecommerce store where I direct ship my products, and an automotive community.

    My ecommerce store so far has only had one website sale although I have made a ton of local sales when I first started carrying my product. Currently it is trying to rank for some keywords so I can start making more sales. I tried facebook ads but they were very expensive and my profit margin per sale is pretty low so it was a big time negative ROI.

    My other site I have had for years now. It is a community site and carries a lot of authority. I used to have a very active community but my most active members have moved away or gone off to school. They do not have time to post like they used to. It is rather sad really. I have watched some of these kids grow up with our community. I watched them mature over the years through their posts. It has brought many great feeling rewards to me(I know im a bit sappy)

    I am now focusing on building up a bunch of keyword targeted content for this site to start to bring traffic back to what I am used to. I am not a big fan of writing so I am having to use my revenues from the site to order content but that is fine with me. Hopefully it will help me go back to the income I was used to so I can buy even more articles for the site. It is really cool because I can publish something for a medium competition keyword and it ranks almost instantly. I try to push my more competive terms with link pushes and other link building methods to rank them. Traffic is slowly starting to rise again.

    Anyways Hello BHW I have loved reading all your posts and I am ready to contribute where I can. I really do not think there is any secret to earning online. Really all it is to me is publish high quality content, build links, rank and that is all there is to it.