Hello everyone, InsomniaNL here.

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    Hi everyone, i go by the name insomniaNL. I'm 28 years old and live in the Netherlands.

    I lost my old BHW account so i made a new one. After reading and lurking a lot i decided to make a niche website and generate income through affiliates and adsense.

    So i picked my niche and got most of my pages and articles on the site ranked on page 1 to page 3 on google. And i get around 50 unique visitors a day (which is increasing each week, slow but steady). I will add adsense this week and i'll add an affiliate program from the Netherlands similar to amazon.

    But it being a dutch site and niche it makes it kind of hard to get backlinks and promote the site by social media. Thats why the number of visits (around 800 a month) is so low at the moment.
    So i have no idea yet on how to proceed from here.
    Thats why i joined these forums, to look for some ideas.

    I might try to sell some related merchendise when i figure out how to do it. Ow and currently no income yet.

    Maybe I'll keep this current site as an autopilot thing while working on an english site with a diffirent niche.

    And any tips on how to proceed are always welcome :)

    Gr. InsomniaNL
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