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    Hello everyone. Some of you may already know me. I'm βτħ? from hackforums.net. Anyway, I decided that it's time for me to "move on" if you will. I really like hf and I'll always be there, but it's been getting so LQ lately. If I see another PM asking how to setup Metus I think my head may explode. So, I decided to come here. Everyone I've talked to has said that this forum is awesome, so why not. :D

    Anyways, about me... I've fount that it's best to not openly tell people about your name, age, location, etc. But I will say that I am no stranger to the hacking scene. I've done a little of everything. I had a botnet at one time, I've RATed a bit, and I just coded a ring0 rootkit for 64 bit windows7 that no one bought.

    I will be willing to help anyone here set anything up in the next couple of days, because no one here trusts me, and I don't blame you, I'm the new guy.

    Enough about me, in order to get a good start here I want to give something away for free. I have just about every "big" program you can think of (black hole, crimepack, spyI, etc). And please tell me if I'm violating any rules. I've read them all, but still... new guy. :p

    So, I plan to stay here a long time. I hope it's epic. :)