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    I have been strolling through the site for the past couple of days and feel it's time to say hello. I came to this sit for a reason most of you probably came here, to make money. I don't want to learn the easy ways that fail in time. I want something real that can help me not lose my home and put my family on the street. I have been reading and a lot of the terms and methods go way over my head so I hope in time to understand all this. Let's hope it's before I lose the internet and my home :p If anyone feels like taking the time to teach me a few things I would greatly appreciate it and would return the favor of course. Perhaps if I got a great method rolling I could give my first $1000 to whoever helped me to get that far. Just an idea, since I never expect anything in life to be free. Anyways, I look forward to getting to know a lot of you. Take care guys :)