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    Aug 6, 2012
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    Hello everybody I want to introduce myself. My name is David and I am from Czech Republic (so sorry for my bad english).
    I started with IM in whitehat method parking domains for 4 months. I have another fulltime job, which costs me most of my time and I am relly sick of it.
    Now I own about 50 parked domains. Most of them registered personally, some won in the auctions.
    But my earnings are still low - 0,5-1,5$/day. Its hard to find valuable domains by my hand without any tools and on the auction portals are domains too expensive.

    My goal is to earn enough to be able to leave my fulltime job and start IM business on a full throttle.

    I know there are plenty of folks like me, but wish me luck and endurance for this finght.

    Thanks for reading this thread.
    Bye brothers