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    Aug 14, 2010
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    Hello, i am voldemc, i am new to internet marketing, but i am trying to learn everything from this forum members. I hope to give something back as well for this community as for now i am only reading everything, downloading useful stuff, information, fallowing good tips and advices, i like this forum and i hope that i will allways be like that. Thanks for people who share all those files, information, mehtods, tips, etc. with this forum community. Now i am working on a website and i hope that this website , which is my 2nd website (1st website failed due to very competitive keywords been chosen and becouse of i didn't knew everything yet about seo and stuff like that ) and i hope that using this forum information i will make a really good website which will make me some cash. I want to allways promote and make better and better website also it means more money. Wish me luck as i wish you the best of luck!

    Greatful , voldemc.
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    welcome voldemc, im sure you will learn alot of internet marketing info here. just continue to read and educate yourself and before you know it, your're be making money. Good Luck