Hello, Congratulations to all members for outstanding work.

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    Hello to all members of this forum.

    I am a young man from Portugal, unemployed.

    My English is very poor and every time I read a post I have to use google translater to understand.

    I have plenty of time and little money to pay expenses.

    I started to look on the internet ways to make money, and found this amazing forum.

    Congratulations to all members for outstanding work.

    Having spent days reading and reading, I decided to start a website with reviews of clickbank products.

    So I bought a domain and I have a website with about 25 products divided into categories.

    - I created an account on youtube with about 12 videos. (I'm using SYV slowly)

    - I created a facebook fans page and twiiter. (I'm using socialclerks slowly)

    - To generate traffic on the website (I'm using ************ slowly)

    At the moment I have no money to pay for services and SEO backlinks, and this is the hardest part for me.
    Maybe when I make some money

    - My site is in the air it's 10 days now and have not made ​​money yet.

    Anyway I'm glad to be doing something I like, and I will not give up until I get around 200 ? per month. helped pay some household expenses.

    As I said I do not understand English (google translater) and sorry for the mistakes.

    I love the details in this forum, and I wish you all luck.

    I can not send pm, I'm not even 15 posts;)