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Jan 1, 2016
Hi guys,
I just recently joined black hat world, i used to browse through a lot of posts here on BHW before registering. some of the threads in Journey section are fantastic, the amount of information they give away about how they go on building a successful website/blog is amazing. How ever i am new to internet marketing. I subscribed to some interesting and inspirational threads created by bluematter about how to make money online with adsnese , curation of best posts on BHW by kintoups .. just to name a few. There is a wealth of information here at BHW to grow as an IM and become successful.

some background about me :
I am software developer with decent amount of experience in developing web applications. worked for many top clients in the software industry. i'm basically a software contractor. I always wanted to have some passive income on the side. That is when i started learning about making some money on the internet. clearly some of the guys on this forum are banking a lot of Benjamins. Hope some day i will become as successful as you guys.
Welcome, have fun here and keep an eye on the hire a freelancer section, if you're looking for any work.
Hello and welcome to the BHW community hope you have a nice stay :)
Welcome! Enjoy your stay. Do yourself a favor and use (and abuse) the Search button before you start posting no-brainer questions since people here hate that kind of attitude.

Otherwise, good luck with your road to riche$!
Hi Op, welcome to the forum.

I too am a software engineer and working automating a method myself via some bots.

I wish you luck on your future endeavours!
Welcome to the community! You definetely found the right place regarding internet marketing. Hf
Not open for further replies.
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