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    Hello, guys!

    I am a guy from Ukraine who currently lives in the United States and wants to work in IM untill the rest of his days.
    I do know a lot about SEO, rankings and viral content, and have a bunch of sites in Russia with more than 10 thousand visitors per day. But Russian traffic is so cheap, that's why I decided to join you.

    I am building a botnet of reddit accounts (currently have more that 500), trying to have some pinterest bots too, but they don't really work (probably, because they are too new, I can get something like 1000 repins, but the post doesn't appear in popular or any category) and have a premium subscription for Goanimate (and can make a lot of cartoons/video presentations etc).

    Currently, I get something like 3000 dollars per month, making ads for other people in Vk (facebook analogue in Post Soviet countries). But would be really thankful for any suggestions about the possibilities in Internet Marketing in the US.

    I am thinking of starting a journey with Adsense arbitrage (making some viral fashion content (the RPM should be like 20+ dollars) and trying to get cheap clicks from something like Yahoo Gemini. Not sure how it will work, at least it is worth trying.

    I also can create any bot for any social network with Zennoposter, just not sure about monetization yet.
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    Govt. job
    Nice to meet you here guy. Enjoy the forum.
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    May 26, 2015
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    hello, I would love to network with some pretty good talented guys from Russia like yourself, please if you have time, add us up in skype - lobodigitalsolutions

    welcome and enjoy your stay