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    Hello world, my name is Radvis. I have been lurking around in this forum for around 1-2 months, reading, taking all the information. I think I have to mention that I'm only 17 years old so my I'm pretty much new to the world too... :D Next thing is that my english is not very good because it's not my 1st language. So my biggest dreams are to earn money online.. Yea, yea it's not big deal you may say, but to me it's very big deal. I have about zero experience in IM, but my goal for now is to build site (or buy one in the market place) and make money from it. I am not decided yet if it will be an affiliate marketing site (I'm talking about promoting clickbank products) or it will be an adsense site.
    "So why you don't have a site yet" you may ask. It's because of the age. Im not 18 yet so my bank transactions are complicated and by law I cannot have clickbank or adsense account (correct me if i'm wrong). Good news is that this summer i will became an adult.
    I think that's it! If you want to know more information about me just ask. :) And if you want to share your experience or to give me advice I would be more than thankfull! :)
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    welcome to bhw family Radvis & nice to meet you