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    Hello all.

    Just want to introduce myself to the community. I know a little about internet marketing & have wanted to start for some time. With the job I had I was unable to devote any real time to it. However I have recently lost my job & am ready to do this full time. I'm not looking to get rich quick & I understand that this is going to require a lot of work. I have spent some time researching IM. Although most of what I found has been repeats of the same ideas over & over again. When I found this community though I knew I would have everything I need here to make a real run at it & be successful.

    Due to me losing my job, I need to get up & running quickly if I want to keep my house. I have a good general idea of how this works, but any help would be appreciated. I don't really have any money to throw at it. & I'm also having trouble deciding which is the best way to go to start off under my circumstances. So if anyone would like to point me in a good direction & has any ideas, or help in general, it would be greatly appreciated. I've wanted to do this badly for some time now. I'm tired of 9-5 jobs & hate answering to other people. I'm ready to be my own boss.

    Thank you & I hope to be a great addition to the community.
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    Welcome dude.
    The best advice I can give is to use this