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    Hello to all BHW members, i want to thank you for having me here... i hope i can learn a lot from all of you guys and someday become a pro like many of you guys out there having success with internet marketing... i wanna make new friends and get to know them, learn from them and apply their knowledge to my business if i ever have one LOL :eek: i know i can make it, "if you can do it, i can do it" and i also wanted to say that i am willing to invest no more than 1000$ to get started on the business or maybe partner up with some pro and work my way up to the top who knows i might just get lucky, i know there is a guy out there looking for a hard working person ready to jump into the world of marketing and never give up *never* until i succeed.

    Thank You guys for your time and have a lovely and wonderful weekends!! MAKE SOME MONEY!!:p

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    Hi there, $WannaMakeMoney$,

    Welcome to BHW!!

    Let's do it$!!