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    Hi everyone,
    I am in IM from 3 years, meanwhile I was doing some other stuff like FX, Option and stock trading, and financial advisory. However from some time I focus only on IM especially on Black Hat methods, as I see those methods can be very effective in very short period of time.

    So called "White IM" made by "gurus" is also not so white because they trick and push you to the "trap funnel" where you only buy their stuff and do not earn. When I was starting 3 years ago I fall in that trap. However I do not achieve any tremendous success in doing white hat strategies like PPC list building, etc. Saying more I even lost a lot on different stuff and PPC campaign etc. That is why I turn to BH tactics.

    I read a lot Black Hat e-Books even from some guys from this forum. Some methods work well but some do not work at all. BH methods work good till not to many people use it in the same place, if it is over saturated it stops working. It is the same like trading systems.

    But anyway I thing there is enough space to act for us guys from BHW:) so hope to learn a lot here and share some creative ideas with you guys :cool2: