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    So I registered on this forum like almost 2 years ago. A friend of mine wanted to pull up the good old follow up plumbers seo method. He recommended this forum and said: Just read anything in the Making Money Section and then come back. Well I did that and ended up with him performing a lot of phone calls and sending packages, trying to get in some money. After a while it did generate some money. However far from what we expected. My friend started some more side projects and I did not bother to get involved in more methods. In the end we both did not stick to the method and eventually our ways parted.

    So I finished my school and ended up working for the ambulance for one year. I got regular monthly income and was pleased with it. So I did not bother learning more about IM until recently..

    Finishing my duty at the ambulance and enjoying my holidays I now ended up with a lot of freetime. I had and still have 24/7 hours for myself. Okay I am broke but I am good. So soon I am going to study and I thought to myself, lets lurk back to this one forum I registered 1 or 2 years ago. I read a lot of stuff in just a few days and I decided to use my time, to build up a website and lern to earn money online.

    So 2 weeks did past. My hands are starting to hurt like hell from writing. I got my first page up hurrai. I am starting to realize how much work this really is and how much I still have to learn. Well I feel like I am stuck to the beginning. However I decided to involve myself into the community. I am determined to achieve my goal and I am looking forward to share my experience and to learn a lot more about this game. I also think it is a good idea to keep me on the path and to stay motivated. I don't really believe in my motivation though. Just workig through works best for me.