Hello & And A Small Gift Ordering.

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    (Offering of course, not ordering. Starting off well here.)

    Hey Guys,

    I have been following BlackHat for a while now, and thought I'd join up and say hello. Feel a bit little like an alcoholic when I say: My name is Jaws, and I am a newbie. :) (In some respect and not so much in others.)

    As I promised, I have a small present for someone, preferably to one of the old school guys on here, who'd know how to monetize it. (I sure as hell don't.) This morning I stumbled upon an expired Phillipino domain, five letter EMD, 33K broad/800 exact, (in the Philippines. Globally a lot more). PR4 intact, decent link profile, Alexa: 16000 Local, 800K World Wide. Looks easy to redevelop. I want to stress that I have not bought it, but just checked a few moments ago and it is still there. Hopefully, someone will think this is an OK first time contribution. (But of course, if for some reason, the person I give it to, wants to do something nice for me in return, I wouldn't say no. :) However, this is no requirement.)

    Anyway, I will let the suspense build, (although I have no idea how this will be received), and hopefully a few of you will post in the thread and say hi. (Just let me know whether you are interested in the domain. I will let you all know soon, as someone should redevelop it ASAP.)

    Well, that's all for me. Thank you for having me.

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