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    Hello world
    I'm new on this forum but i'm member from 2 week and i think i had time to read all article here.

    Like you see i'm not english (french) so i try to write with good english but it's difficult.

    Actually i have 1 money site which is my professional site and 15/20 site on Medium niche (i say medium because this site have little concurence on keyword).

    I use link farm evolution, wordpress for my blog/site, nichemarket finder and market samurai for find niche and i try to found good way for spamming (i have an harvester but not good and nothing to send mass E-mail)

    I'm begginer and my medium niche site work for adsense and for affiliation.

    That all for the moment.

    PS (if there is some french people here, i look for to echange about technique for french market)

    fly safe (ho no, it's eve online expression)