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    Never really introduced myself, but made a few posts. Go by the name of Skadster, pleased to meet you!

    I found BHW by way of another forum a couple of weeks ago, after I thought about trying to make a website to supplement my income. I just literally lost my job about a week ago, so making a website to help is even more crucial now.

    I stupidly picked a subject i was interested in, then named my website along them lines. After reading here I realised that due to me doing no keyword research, the name of my website has no results in adwords, total downer. Upon further reading, I now see my subject matter is totally saturated (health&fitness). As i was new I posted some articles on how-to, but new nothing of SEO, as a result SEO optimization of my articles is very low according to SEO power tools. This gave me some suggestions on how to improve my score, but as I'd already posted them on my website, I'm just going to leave them without re-editing them.

    The silver lining in that grey cloud is due to the great information on this website, I'm slowly learning, and hope not to make them same mistakes again.

    Now that I'm broke I may try at making a couple of free bloggs on blogger and see if I can make a better start of it this time, I might try auto blogging not sure. The biggest problem I have, which I imagine all newbies find is keyword research. Just can't seem to get my head around it just now, even after reading some great threads here. I imagine it gets easier with time.

    Well that's my story and how I ended up on BHW, thanks for all the great information all you guys/gals have posted here, I look forward to reading more of your posts. :)
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    welcome aboard , its the best place to be and very informative am sure you will get to acquire a lot of knowledge here which will help u earn lots of $$$$
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