Hello, All Let me Introduce Myself!

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    Dec 19, 2016
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    Hello, All people out there.

    Let me Introduce myself, Im LoosDanger *Thats an Old Nickname i used to use it when i have 14 years old and play counter strike* 10 Years ago!.

    Well i come from a country which literally go to the shit the last 5 years, 500% of inflation at least and all the jobs are terrible, so i leave my country in an adventure with all my life money, first i go to USA, found a Job but not enough to sleep in a bed every night, so i decide to leave that country and go to Europe, Right now i'm unable to find a job a lot desperate.

    So i decided to give it a chance to try thing in the free time in the night because number 1 i like the topic of internet marketing, and number two and no less important i need money!

    So that is a little bit of me and how i ended here!