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    Hi All:

    I couldn't figure out where to post this so I thought I would introduce myself. I've been a long time BHW lurker and tried (and failed) at some IM stuff a year or so ago partnering/learning from someone who didn't really know very much more than me.

    The more I read about niche marketing, the more I realize I really need to be promoting something I care about and something I work very hard at. I am a solo musician who has been writing/recording about a song a week for a couple years now but has kind of hid in his room with them due to bad recording quality/fears etc. I've put a couple small E.P.s on pirate bay just to put SOMETHING out, and will continue this practice, as well as posted some songs on youtube.

    The point is, I have the final lineup for the first full album and also have happened into a good amount of money for its promotion. I'll have it on Bandcamp and will be uploading it for free on torrent sites just to get it out there into the world.

    My main question:

    If I want to promote the living stuff out of my music, I really feel it might be beneficial to use some of the same methods you guys use. I don't think this is typical in the music world, but i don't see why not. Does anyone have any ideas for a possible marketing plan for this type of venture (link buying, adwords, I dunno)? Cost is not much of an issue but it should be under 3k..what would be a good value?

    Like I said, I don't know where to post this so feel free to move it into a more appropriate forum. this is my first post.
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    Hey there,

    I know little about the music biz, and from what little I know, making money as a recording artist is considered tough. Depending on whether your goal is to make money, or simply to get your music out there and gain some fans, shoveling money into online marketing may or may not be cost effective. Again, I know next to nothing about how the music business works, but it's possible that this 3k might be better used for traditional marketing methods...

    As far as online promotion, I might suggest hitting up all sorts of social media platforms, some of which are geared toward music (myspace, youtube, whatever else). You are already probably doing that, but putting extra effort into these channels might give you the best results.

    As far as buying ads, perhaps you can target searches for established artists that share a similar sound to yours, or buy ads on music websites. You could also record covers of well-known song to get extra exposure.

    I hope that some of this helps, or that you can find some more info that's helpful.