HeatAndCool.com and Kocoy.com inc 5000 JV

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    Hey everyone I am the founder and owner of HeatAndCool.com ( previously AcFactoryOutlet.com) and Kocoy.com we retail and distribute Air conditioning and heating systems online for all of the United States, we actually pioneered it for the online world. If any of you have any good JV ideas I am all ears were are an inc 5000 company ( one of the fastest growing companies in America) you can google this or google my name for proof Ender Korkmaz. I am open to any ideas anyone may have that may benefit both of us. My latest project Kocoy.com doing a slow soft launc at the moment is an ecommerce site only for air conditioning and heating contractors to purchase their equipement for their business another concept new and not seen in the industry that allows them to drop ship products to the job site directly or HeatAndCool.com our retail site.