HealthCare Niche Affiliates?

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    First of all if I'm on the wrong thread I apologize and mods please remove/transfer this thread.

    We're planning to join affiliate websites that can bring traffic to our website. Company sells a joint support supplement and the share of each sale would be around 20 USD (59,90 is the price per bottle on the website) what's really generous compared to our competitors we've been checking.

    Could anyone please point us to the right affiliate websites? Does anyone has any experience with some good health niche affiliate websites that could bring us some legitimate visitors and potential sales?

    If some affiliate experts is reading this post and can help us out with everything feel free to message us!

    One more thing, if there is someone out there from BHW that would be interested and is able to bring us the visitors we'll be more than happy to cooperate and offer generous commission.

    Thank you.