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    Hey everyone.

    Ive purchased and used 15+ PVA accounts and its been about a month or so since i've set up a PVA to start on IG. I'm running into a problem i've never had before. The accounts/emails are all Russian and they always have been. rambler.ru is the email. My problem is that rambler.ru now requires a captchas code when you goto sign into the account for the first time after receiving the PVA accounts. With me having a U.S keyboard, I am unsure how to type in those captchas. This is a new problem and they have been working fine for me in the past. Any suggestions would be great so I can start up a few more accounts. I use 247accounts for the PVA accounts. Like I said, they used to work fine, now all the new accounts require a Russian captcha code before I start changing the IG emails and names etc. Any help would be great!

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    The one whom dares, wins!
    Tell me about it ! That russian is a bit overkill. I think it asks for a Phone verification etc.

    This is an example Of a slack attitude With people WHO sell the accounts. I am not impressed, obviously they are Auto made and that. The seller who adapt and start using a proper email and all Will prevail!

    Bet u that all the old account he is sitting on now with expiring emails is going to make him scratch his nuts hard. No one saw Instagram coming this time around.

    I took a Skype session and got Some replacement account and new emails With verification. The seller was not happy. But he guauaranteed that the emails and accounts needed no changes at point Of sale.

    He accused me Of blackmail and all , did not feel sorry for him at all.

    The locked out accounts are dead as instagram blocked the possibility to change the Phone number like IT was before. This was a nasty surprise for me. But i acted fast and replaced all emails. Got Phone pva requests for 48 Hrz after that, suckers. Now stable Again.

    Did u get fail when u push Phone verify? I never got that option to work. Thought I could just change numbers like usual, not anymore. Funny thing is phone verify otherwise is like old times. Just change and push. Weird

    The russian email system puhh i want to vomit bcuzz i dont understand a Word. And IT is thousands !

    Instagram is taking us for a ride, time to load up the cannons and declare all our war !

    Man or mouse?
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