Have you been hit by the Ban Hammer?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by ForceFed54, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I've seen a lot of posts about YT banning accounts, and concerns in regards to having accounts banned. I myself posted up my concerns a few days back. So in order to compile some information all in one place I thought I would create this thread.

    If you have had an account banned, or multiple accounts banned, tell us the story behind it. Why you think it was banned, what you lost, how you recovered etc. I think this info will be helpful for those getting started in YT marketing and maybe those that are getting discouraged after having accounts banned.


    I have had 2 accounts banned on YT so far, and they were banned for an obvious reason as I was promoting an account generator for adult websites. The first time I had the video taken down due to flagging, then I re-uploaded the video on the same account, and also uploaded a spun version on a second account. 1 day later I logged in to find both accounts had been banned.

    I am not sure if YT banned both accounts because of them being logged in at some point from the same IP, or if they matched the video content and banned me that way. I will say that I have 10 active accounts that I log into and don't always care about changing my IP so I assume at this point that YT wont ban all of your accounts due to IP similarity, but more due to content similarity.

    After those 2 accounts were banned I gave up on the niche, for me its not worth the time and energy to have accounts banned over and over again within a weeks time. If it took a month at least to get banned it would be worth it, but at this time its just more of a headache.

    Anything adult related on YT, will eventually be taken down or your account will be banned. At least IMO