Have problems using vpn on a windows vps...

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    did anyone succeed in establishing a vpn-connection on a windows vps? I rent a windows vps (virtuozzo seems to be the software) and wanted to run it as a client with a rent vpn. So i did not want to set up the vps as a vpn... the vps should be the client and on the vps there should run windows software.

    Now the problem is that it doesnt work. I tried 2 offers for vpns... both delivered a preconfigured openvpn-package. But when I start open vpn it tells me that "All TAP-Win32 adapters on this system are currently in use.".
    I used the batchfile that comes with openvpn and it created another tap-win32-adapter in hardware manager. But even after restarting server these adapters cant be initialised. They all have a yellow "!".

    The support of my vps told me that it wont work with openvpn. The reason probably is that its not a rootserver and so it cant access the hardware the same way like a rootserver could do. So the support told me it could be done by using the windows vpn client. I tried this too but even on my root-pc at home it didnt work. I presume the options that openvpn is setting in its config-file .ovpn needs to be implemented too. But I dont know how.

    I even was at the point where I tried to use a proxy for each software... less secure but when vpn isnt working... but the proxy works with the browser but not with my chat-software it seems. Need to clear this with my provider.

    But a working vpn would be much better, easier and more secure at the end...

    Does someone know how to do what I want? Do I need another vps or vpn?