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    I've been working in CPA marketing for more than a couple of years now. I came to know about many opportunities. Finally Now I am successfully operating and managing my own affiliate network with a good number of affiliates.

    I am not inviting any affiliate here because it is already going very smoothly.
    I started the network as it was very popular money making way that time.

    As the market told, "Hasoffer is Best" I purchased HasOffers and jumped into the field.
    After a couple of week i found that my traffic started bulging and I was pretty much worried about that.

    Hasoffers Software was getting heavy for my pocket. And that was why I looked for alternatives.

    I tried atleast all available alternatives.

    Even HitPath, LinkTrust and many other softwares.
    But they did not offer what i actually was looking for. Because without content locking and video locking, its hard for any affiliate network to survive.

    After all I found one very affordable and worthy - AdsGraphy

    I worked with HasOffers, Hitpath and other softwares but i did not find
    • Content Locking
    • Link Locking
    • Video Locking
    • Video Ads
    • Banner Rotator
    In those packages.

    I made no delay ordering my 30 days trial.
    It was a nice setup and support by them.

    After a couple of hick-ups the network got setup perfectly.

    Now I am doing business with a peace of mind.
    It works really great.

    If any one wanna start his own network, I can help planning it.
    As I have tried and used all the software for setting up CPA network, know which will be the Perfect Choice.