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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by lemmetellya, Feb 20, 2016.

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    Hey, I have an account within the fashion niche and over the past two weeks I've been integrating various hashtags into my first comment after I post a new image.

    I began doing this in an effort to reach the featured posts on each chosen hashtag, and it works for the specifically targeted ones I use. Typically, I receive anywhere from 300-700 likes per image, and it's only the really popular hashtags I use I don't quite make it into the top featured posts.

    I was just wondering if there's a service available to select even better tags, for my niche and that are still applicable to the image I'm posting. I typically post 5-9 tags per image to avoid a spammy look.

    My second question is; Does it matter when then hashtags are added to the image in order to reach the featured images? Say I post tags onto the image's comment thread 3 hours after posting, would I still be able to be featured? The reason I ask is that sometimes using hashtags can appear unprofessional and spammy, in turn deferring customers from following/continuing to follow me.Thanks!
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    3 hours? it's more like 30 minutes.
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    I don't think using targeted hashtags around 5 per post looks really spammy. What really looks a bit spammy are up to 30 hashtags per posts, but sometimes that's something you gotta do in the early stage to see if you get more growth.

    The more followers you get, the more you should probably focus on more targeted hashtags and using less, too, imo.

    When you start out, I don't think that using 30 hashtags do any harm, you're most likely to get some more likes through those tags than just using 1-2. Even when using 30 hashtags, try to not go for those follow4follow and stuff, 'cause those really suck: they look more than spammy and give you crappy followers. :)