Handheld Scanner+OCR software or DNS?

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    I'm going to test out the "Old,rare library book" method I read about a last year on here somewhere, can't find the thread. And was wondering should I get one of those handheld scanners to scan a book with and then use OCR software to convert it to text. Or should I use DNS(Dragon Naturally Speaking) to read the book,and then go back and correct mistakes. The book is a 973 book from 1898, so some of the words I do not even know how to pronounce as they have been out of use for decades. Which is the drawback to using DNS for this project,and the drawback to using the handheld scanner is that I need to spend about $100 to get it.
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    There is no method faster than a scanner. I'm not familiar with hand held scanners. I have an "All in One". If you don't have a scanner pick up a used one that will be compatible with your computer. (Goodwill, eBay,G.L. etc)

    After you have scanned a page, use a program to convert to text. Find a torrent for ABBY Fine Reader or use the 30 day trial to convert your scan to text. ABBY Fine Reader is great. There are plenty of library books and used books, magazines, newspapers that will not show up in Google. They don't have to be old and rare.

    I do have Dragon, but rarely use it.
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    I just got this today, didnt even know what it was till 2 minutes ago, and now i find this post LOL. You seem to have experience in this, great info thx
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    Dragon would take forever and a day to use on a book that big, it's definitely worth coughing up the dough for the scanner and using some software (as mentioned above) to convert it into text.

    Plus, the scanner is a one time investment so you can rinse and repeat, as opposed to having to sit there and read to dragon any time you want to add a new book to your collection of texts/articles.
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