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Mar 31, 2014
Kind of a delayed hello, but might as well come back to it and do a introduction.

I'm Ben, originally started of as a customer service rep at the company I work at right now then slowly transitioned to the marketing/media side. Absolutely no prior experience with IM/SEO which means I need to catch up quick to be able to contribute at all. I was referred to this board by my manager and i hope we can all mutually benefit of each other with information.

So at this moment there are two goals that I have in mind:
  1. Gain knowledge to contribute at work
  2. Start up something on the side, test the waters and see if i can supplement my income.

Some things I know and things I'm okay/decent in
I know fluent German, so i suppose that gives me a small advantage in targeting groups(?)
I know decent HTML/CSS and trying to learn Javascript/PHP (fascinating stuff)

That's pretty much all I got, hope to see all of you around!
- Ben
Welcome to BHW!

This is definitely the best place online to learn and master SEO/IM, just make sure to stick around and soak as much info as you can :)

Best of luck!
You should learn heaps just by lurking these forums, you're in great hands OP.


- A
Not open for further replies.
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