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    So I?m here. I?ve been lurking for a few weeks now and finally decided to register.

    A Little About Me:

    I?m going on 25 years old and did my college bit focusing on Graphic Design, focusing on illustration and advertising. After getting laid off from a crappy job and deciding to freelance for a while, I?m hungry for a fresh start and a career change.

    Internet Marketing has interested me for a long while now and I believe in the potential of it. I know it won?t happen overnight, and it won?t be easy, but I really think this is the only way to achieve the lifestyle I want.

    In the meantime I look forward to getting to know people here, learning from those who have already achieved success, getting involved and eventually writing a success story of my own.

    Thanks in advance. I?ve already begun diving in and, though it is a bit overwhelming, I?ve already learned a lot.