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Hadoken - Hi all

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ryudswift, May 9, 2017.

  1. ryudswift

    ryudswift Newbie

    May 15, 2016
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    How does the story go
    -New but been around for a while
    -I wana make money
    -Easy method to life...

    Kinda little of each off the top, although I love being realistic through logical thinking.
    Hell I love games but I'm a Mechanical engineer that love music and am doing consulting on a personal and business basis as a life coach and adviser. So in essence I like figuring things out Face 2 Face type of guy. From creating interviews out of thin air to just being in a random place and ending having friends at the end of the interaction that lead to leads.

    In essence I network with no intention but to be able to grow my alliance. From top Music industry producers to the lowly small business owner that runs a workshop right to the newbie pre-start-up thinking its going to be easy. I think I'm an all people's person.

    It's a bit of a mind Flip really, I lurk...looking for psychological patterns... although they all just similar or all the same. All about making quick bux, easy fixes and the dream with no actual work or effort -online. Off line, intention is the game and after a minute convo, it becomes clear what is 'wanted'.

    So this is my introduction, where I'm busy on business literature for people that are offline and where I'm from people here are either old or just stuck in their ways. The consensus is, don't trust the internet. Scams All over the show. So like all the books that I've already consumed to quite a bit of hacking tricks and tactics in the online space, I'm making up my own bits of info that worked for me. Tried tested and still works, though you would find it all on this site. Where I've tried and tested these things out manually, things are simpler now.

    As you can see I'm almost a year old graduating from lurker to, well, still lurker. Hope to contribute in the near future to this already well established community.