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    Now I know we have TONS of dreams happening to us at night, etc.
    This is actually the first dream I remember in... I don't know... months? years? and for some reason, this is the only dream that I can remember with a good amount of detail (not a lot, but still).

    Any of you guys know if dreams mean anything? Or is it just your mind playing tricks of you on the things that you thought about the day before?

    Here is mine:

    Man leading to room
    Secret concrete room
    Waiting for a few moments
    Dashboard says that elevator is on 10th floor
    Waiting for elevator
    Elevator numbers go up, but elevator goes down
    Step out of the elevator, go to a different one (happens 2-4 times)
    Met women in hijab with a kid (10-12?)
    Stepped off the elevator
    Man kept going down
    Asked doctor for direction, he said to go somewhere
    Didn't believe the doctor
    Waited for the man
    Man found me
    We walked towards another elevator
    Saw the doctor again and he said, "I just know how to get there"
    Elevator went down with just the two of us
    Man running down the hall
    I run behind him
    Lose my shoe (yellow nike sneakers)
    Go back for the shoe
    He waits for me
    Enter the door in a dark hallway
    Very large room (size of half a basketball court?)
    See an extra wide door to male washroom with the male symbol on it
    All lights are off, except in the middle of the room
    Large table, 20+ man are sitting
    ... Felt like I'm about to find out some secrets, or being brought to some secret organization...
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    i used to log all of mine years ago
    some really tripped out chit, alot of stuff i laugh about
    i tried finding out then just g ave up after a while
    its neat if you look back at them years later
    i wonder if the dreams had anything to do wiyth
    massive drug intake as a youth
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    so if you are going to find something out, you are doing one of these 2 things:
    1. predicting the future
    2. your subconcious mind already knows something that your concious doesnt know

    on my opinion you are just having way too much free time
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    What do you see in this picture?
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    i also had a somewhat similar dream last night.. i am going someplace unknown... i reached there and did my business.. on my return in the evening.. someone on the street informs me about a shortcut (it is late evening and i cannot reach home taking regular route).. so i heed to the advice and takes a horizontal elevator.. when i step in another person joins me... we both are heading to same direction... enroute i have a weird feeling that something is wrong.. next thing i realize is that i am dizzy and the person standing next to me stops the elevator and jump out of it with some of my stuff (i dont remember what the stuff is).. i realize that the destination the elevator is taking is someplace else and not where i intended to reach.. so i also try to get off the elevator but i realize that the elevator is already in motion and there is quite a gap between elevator and platform but still i decide to jump off it.. at this point i wake up...

    (there was other stuff also but i remember only this much)....


    @Rotem.. i seen an alien or weird animal like bear and there is another bunch of aliens inside the body of this alien..

    GOSH - just realised the OP posted this last year... feeling like stupid now...
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