GYBO - Google intuit - WTF? Domain hijacked?

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    Jan 22, 2012
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    So I decided to grab a free domain using the get your business online gybo com project that google and intuit are doing. Which is pretty sad.. they try to overcharge you every step of the checkout process. $1/month for privacy? lol right.

    Anyway! I found an awesome two word domain name that is very brandable for my niche. What could go wrong? I proceeded to registered it, and it returns with "blah blah, will take 24 hours." OK no biggy. I'm not in a rush.

    I head to godaddy to whois my domain, and BOOM: This domain is available via Godaddy Auctions. $2500 minimum bid. Ends 4/01/13.

    WTF? I check the whois and it says it was registered on 1/20/13 which is tomorrow.. by TUCOWS. Which I'm guessing is the registrar they're using.

    I really don't care since it took me 2 minutes to find the domain, but WTF? This is hilariously sad!!!

    Anyone have this happen to them?