[GUIDE] Walkthrough for making 3000 mails to 20000 subscriptions...

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    Hi there,
    I have been on BHW for a decent time and I think it is good to share what works for me. So anyone on this forum may use these ideas.

    What I will be telling you has nothing to do with CPAs or anything. All you have to do is make people believe your work.

    I am an owner of a small website design agency and with my company I have been serving more than 200 clients. For the last 4 months we have been working on a website script (on asp.net) which is targeting real estate and car rental businesses.

    The script is nearly finished for the real estate part but we are making 2 websites which will get the information from our script users and post their ads online, so our customers will have the chance to publish their ads not only at their websites, but also on our real estate and rent a car ad sites. Nearly all the possible clients think that it is a good idea and we will be finishing the script in the following weeks.

    What we needed is ways to reach more potential customers and we needed a good email list. As we had only about 3000 email addresses harvested from some websites we wanted to get more subscriptions so as to contact them when we start selling the script.

    So we made a campaign for "test users".
    We sent an email to these 3000 adresses that we will get 10 Test Users for the script and when we start the business they will get a good discount and a free domain from us. We have used a standart HG account with Pommo installed, and send those mails according to the HG rules.

    We have sent the mails to these addresses, advertised the campaign on our website, facebook page (1800 users) and twitter account (1500 followers)

    The "free domain" idea had a viral effect and in 2 weeks we gathered more than 20000 real and working email addresses with all information we need as their phone numbers, names, addresses and more. All for 10 domains, and a good discount for only 10 users.

    The mail harvesting was made by getting some sites downloaded by Offline Explorer, and extracting the mails with another software of Sobolsoft. You may use some other software for this but these ones are the most efficient ones for me.

    Yes we gave out the test accounts, and these users are now testing every aspect on the script for us. By this move we had a great influence on our script and started making the needed changes accordingly. Also we gave out the domains to the test users, and now we have 10 reviewers already.

    Now it is your turn to twist the idea. I know that this is not a REAL guide to "GET MONEY FAST" keyword, but you can always use this system for your new products.

    As I do not think about making an advertisement here, I do not give out the script details here. But if anyone is interested I am thinking about getting affiliates for the script in the following weeks.

    If anyone wishes to contact me about the method, a reply will be enough. I will be happy to a answer your questions.
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    I would like to try this. Thanks :)
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    Great, I really like what you did here. This will help me out with my current emailing campaign that I plan on doing and I plan on using it to promote products.

    Good Luck
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    pm to me please your details.. really interest to try this method..