(guide) vagex not detecting youtube account error fix.

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    I posted this on the vagex support forum. I know a lot of people may already know this but I looked for a good bit last night and couldn't find the solution for it. I don't know if this will work for everyone but it worked for me so I thought I would share it with the people that run vagex and have this problem

    STEP 1: open vagex and hit pause. Select uncheck all the following options

    and AUTO WATCH.

    should look like this


    make sure auto clear catch is enabled. After that go to your youtube login info and clear it. If you are logged into you a youtube account
    on vagex open the hidden internet explorer browser and sign out of it. After doing all that close vagex.

    STEP 2: create a New email address.

    Go to any email provider (other then google) and create a new email. After your new email is made head over to adwords(dot)com and click the sign up
    button on the bottom of the page.


    On the next page click the bottom of the two options and enter the new email address you created and a new password.


    On the next page enter any time zone you want in. You will be sent a confirmation email to your email you used to sign up to adwords. Go there and
    confirm your account.

    Head over to youtube(dot)com and sign into youtube with the email you used for adwords. You may get this recovery page. You can leave it blank. Just hit
    save nad continue


    After logging in to youtube click your email located on the top right corner and select the my channel tab.


    Enter your new youtube username and info in and hit next


    After the youtube channel is created log out of it.

    STEP 3 open vagex back up and enter your youtube username and password you just created. Click save

    Re check all the stuff you unchecked before. When done it should look like this.


    Close vagex and reopen it. If you did everything right it should start up and be now counting your youtube account with no more youtube account errors.
    It will show your login name at the top


    The reason I go through this process of creating a youtube account is its the only way I know to create a youtube account without a google plus account
    attached to it. You are able to delete your google plus account on your gmail created youtube accounts but in order to use a youtube channel google
    makes you reinstall it. I just wanted to post this for the people that Don't know how to fix this issue as I was up for a few hours trying to figure it
    out lol. I hope this works for everyone :)
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    Hello I wanted to PM you about this, however Im a new user so I can't, hopefully the mod forgives digging up this old topic.

    I followed the steps but I still can't login, nothing but views gets counted. Does this service still work/is being used? Is there anything else I can try? thanks