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Guide to Find the Perfect Amazon Niche

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by platinumcent, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. platinumcent

    platinumcent Regular Member

    Apr 9, 2014
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    I am going to share my techniques of finding niches in Amazon. But before starting out,I would like to point out a common mistake that lot affiliates make. I will you mention few ways through which you can avoid this mistake.
    · If I am going to start an amazon affiliate website, then the first step I am going to do is select the product or category that I am going to sell. For this I personally do the research on Amazon.

    · Go to Amazon and you can see that Amazon has some special offers which Amazon affiliates can promote apart from the normal categories.

    · Click on Today’s Deals, then a new page will open. Just below the Search bar, you will be able to see various deals like Today’s deals, Gold Box , All deals, Coupons,etc.

    · In these categories, various offers come and go. They Usually last for a 1-2 weeks. This is one area that most of the affiliates are ignoring even though it’s a great opportunity.

    · If you go to coupons section, you will see various discounts on various products. As an Amazon affiliate, you can use these coupons on your website to boost your Sales.

    Now, I will now go back to the Homepage and will tell you what are the various parameters that I pay attention to while selecting a product.
    1.Click on any of the categories and then further select a sub-category in the same section, of course. Here, for reference I am going to click upon Home, Garden& Tools> and then click upon Pet Supplies. Lets suppose I am going to make a website on Pet Supplies. I have made a number of websites on the topic before and they usually do well as people love their pets and want to make their life easy somehow. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS SEARCH AND BUY FOR PRODUCTS THAT MAKE THEIR LIFE EASY.

    2. Now, on the left section you can see there are numerous sub-categories. What affiliates do is that they will select the top most category, and will then select the top-selling product in that category. They will ignore all the other products that exist in other categories. These are the categories where opportunities exist as there is no competition. The objective is to find products that people are not already promoting.

    3. While browsing through the products, we usually target only those products which have lots of Reviews thinking that people are buying the products and have good positive reviews about them.

    This is true only to some extent. Coz, when a product has lot of reviews it also mean that lot of affiliates would already be promoting that product and thus, creating competition in Google Rankings.

    4. The real opportunities lies in products which have few reviews. Yes, you heard it right. Because, when the products has few reviews it means either the product is low quality or the product is good but is released recently into the market. Our Aim is to find the latter type of products and promote them. You can sort the products by NEWEST ARRIVALS.

    5. The next step is to find out if the People are searching for the product we have chosen for consideration or not. To find this out, we will go to EBAY.COM.
    The reason we have gone to ebay is that amazon and ebay are both driven by same consumer.

    1. Type in URL bar: popular.ebay.com. We will get a page where the most popular items in various categories are mentioned.

    2. Our purpose is to find a relation between the Amazon and ebay and make analysis. These analysis always give more confidence to us about the product we have chosen to market. By now, we have a list of keywords but we will only keep the best ones. So, lets do screening….

    Now the next tool we are going to use is Google Adwords. Open google adwords, go to Keyword Planner.
    Now, We will have eliminate the keywords depending upon their search graph, competition.
    To check the search Trend, we will type the keyword in Google Planner search bar. For example, our keyword is Swimming Pool. We will get a result like this. Any our analysis from would be :

    1. Go to keyword Ideas tab. First see the monthly searches of the keyword. If it is less then 1000 , then it’s a less competition keyword. From my experience, I have seen that keywords with more searches than 1000 usually have lot of affiliate websites already made upon them. So, prefer less than 1000 searches per month.

    2. Next, In adwords, see the Search Trend, if the search trend is rising after the release of the product, then it is a good sign. Its important to understand that The monthly search we are shown is the average of 12 months. So if the products was released in October, then don’t reject the project from its low monthly search only as adwords assumes the search to be zero for first 9 months thus lowering the net average.Infact, pay attention to the Search Trend.

    3. Completely ignore the HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW competition of that particular keyword because that is related to Ads competition which is irrelevant for us.

    4. Next, go to google.com and type the keyword in “Keyword” form in google search bar. If you are getting less than 100,000 search results. Then Congrats and get to the third analysis.

    5. Now type keyword in =intitle:”Keyword” form. If you are getting less than 5000 search results. Then Great.
    Through these analysis, you have by now found a good keyword niche.

    In my Next post, I will share more information regarding content, linkbuilding,etc

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  2. radders83

    radders83 Newbie

    Mar 10, 2013
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    Hey thanks for a great post - The steps are logical and give clear and useful instructions!!
  3. RxAff

    RxAff Regular Member

    Apr 6, 2013
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    Cocos Islands
    Just my 2 cents that it is bull shit, you did not point that it si not so easy to find wholesaler or dropshipper for this (or another one) category of products.

    The best way to find best selling items is to search for TOP 1000 EBAY SELLERS and spy what are they selling. Than come back to the forum and find dropshippers ))
  4. 3eester

    3eester Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 28, 2013
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    I thought reviews were a way to choose, thanks for the share