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Guide to adult websites

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by BlueSeoServices, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Dec 13, 2015
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    Here's a simple guide for those of you thinking about getting involved with adult sites

    You need a game plan. Most people fail to make dedicated effort and give up before they get a good start. If you not in it to win it don't start. I've browsed around BHW for a couple of years before deciding to join. Why? Because it didn't take making money online seriously. When I really started thinking about the opportunity I could be wasting it was time for action. Enough of my story let's go.

    So you want to start a adult site?

    Ask yourself this. If I start this is it going to be a site I see people using to fap away to happy endings. We all have that one place we go to. It gets the job done until next time. Ah.... Back on track. From what I can offer from research is this. When your picking up a name for the site, is it going to be a niche specific or a broad spectrum. For example. Anal videos or BBW. Or do you want to cover it all? Luckysmagicalfaptube. Make a decision because your going to build the site accordingly. Great so we have a name now what?

    Write down your list of goals

    What kind of videos or pictures are you going to have?

    What are you able to analyze from your target audience?

    How are you going to keep people coming back?

    Will your hosting company support a adult site(s)?

    Do you have the time to do the work and research articles based on keywords and site structure?

    Knowing what your goals are gives you a clear vision and accomplishing goals become a passion, this is your masterpiece.

    Getting keywords in order

    Google has a keyword planner that is free to use. There are some paid programs or you can outsource it. Using long tail keywords I've found are better as all the big sites use the common ones. But diversity and doing the research yourself gives you a great look into what people are looking for in the search engines. There's enough adult keywords to fill a book.

    What platform for the site are you going to use. For example let's use WordPress

    WordPress is commonly used and has some great plugins available. When your ready and have your domain name setup and WordPress installed, let's choose a theme. Most porn sites use videos. So picking a theme that can make use of 50,000 embedded videos is great. Take a look around BHW. I can not post links yet, but there are some great tips and downloads floating around the forum.

    Categories, headers, tags and meta description

    So awesome you got your site. Search engines use categories headers and tags along with metadata to be able to index pages correctly on the site. Let's talk about how to use tags and how to use the categories with the correct descriptions. If you have it category for example let's say anal and you have all these videos listed under that one category you need to have the metadata filled out accordingly for example. This section covers all videos related to anal teen anal amateurs homemade anal videos Etc. This lets the search engines know that this particular category is linked to these videos and it gives a brief description is in that particular category. When you add the heading for the video it needs to be a clear easy to understand header or title as it's commonly referred to. If you have any images for example a clip out of the video or a screenshot take advantage of the description for the image. Taking the time to do all these little things makes a big difference. The more information you can add the better.

    Getting traffic

    This is where we're going to take advantage of social media things like Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, reddit. The great thing about social media is it's often free to use theirs plugins to use to make posting to the sites easier and automate the process. I would suggest if you haven't already got the social media accounts to go ahead and make a few to add information on these accounts. Try not to make the profiles for these accounts too flaky they need to look real if you expect people to socialize with you once again. Take the time to do it right it pays off. I want you have these accounts set up and you've been using them and have some people that are engaged with you on the social media then you can start bringing these people to your website. Everyone loves a hot chick with big tits and a great ass. I know from the couple of accounts that I have on Facebook every guy on God's green earth wants a hot chick to talk to. Take advantage of that.

    OK great now I have traffic know what to do

    Just starting off, let's say you have an average of 3-60 visitors per day we're going to want to track that traffic. How? This is the part where you can search the plugins function and WordPress and find many plugins that will track your visitors in their activities. Once you analyze this dataover the course of the week. You will have a idea of what type of visitor demographics you're looking at. Let's say you have more mobile traffic and desktop traffic or vice versa it will you know what kind of traffic you're attracting. This is very important in the growth of your site.

    Let's take a minute to talk about ads. Some people think that you can do a bunch of ads on your site and that's great cool you get all these clips but that's just not reality. You have a couple of options and you want to try not to make this site looks spammed to death with ads. No one wants to visit a site that they can't even get through the ad section without even seeing videos it will drive your traffic away. Landing pages are a great way to funnel your traffic and get great leads. I generally put an ad for mobile and desktop at the top of my sight and to in the widget area you really just have to experiment and find out what converts best for you. Crakrevenue has a great network and they are very helpful and responsive to any issues I've been using them for a while and it's worked out great.

    To sum it all up
    Please forgive my numerous grammar errors writing this it's been a real pain to do is online mobile phone but I wanted to get something out to help people out. And I'm no expert by any means. I wanted to give something back to the community to help as it's helped me so many times thank you.
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