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    I'm going to make a case study/guide while trying to rank my own company's website for very difficult keywords. I believe there will be good information for both, those who are just starting and for those who are looking for more advanced techniques and methods. To keep it short, here is some information about company/website:

    • Company/Domain is just few months old and website went live yesterday so it's basically brand new site that I'm trying to rank for. Domain is my company name with foreign TLD.

    • Website is not in english language, but the same SEO techniques should apply for all languages. Website is about selling SEO services for companies in my country.

    • Methods I'm going to use are mix with so called "White Hat" SEO and "Gray Hat" SEO - no hardcore blackhat techniques will be used.

    • Main keywords that I'm trying to rank for are for homepage "Social media marketing" and for inner page "Search engine optimization" (in my language of course), so competition should be difficult.

    Yesterday I added my site to GWT/GA and submitted sitemap to Google. Created Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts and shared website from those accounts. Now it's completely indexed, not bad G!

    I'll do all link building very slowly and carefully. One of my main ranking strategy involves other domains I have bought before. Those are exact match domains for term "Social media marketing" (in my language again). I have .info/.net/.org/.com domains. Only one of those is live at the moment and there is only two articles. At front page there is article about SMM and then theres inner page about SEO. I'm running link building campaign to that domain at the moment like it was my "money site". For me it means mostly using:


    • my own private blog network
    • some public networks (moderately)
    • quality relevant blog comments
    • high pr blog comments
    • high quality+unique web 2.0
    • manual forum posting

    I have my own content creator and can make unique, readable content almost as much as I want. I use Magic submitter to publish that content where it's possible. For TIER2 I also use some cheaper/non-quality blog networks and blog comments. I usually do less TIER1 and more TIER2/TIER3.​

    I mostly use blog comments for TIER3, not really to give other tiers more juice, but to increase crawl rate of my links.​

    Anyway, after I have gained some rankings(or links have been indexed) with this "support" EMD, I'm going to 301 redirect it to my company's website. We are still talking about if we should continue link building after that, or just let it be as it is. Any input for that?

    Like I said, I have 3 other SMM EMDs and I'm going to same with all these. I also have other domains for my company, which I'm thinking of doing the same. Put article about SMM to front page and article about SEO to inner page, build links and then 301 redirect.

    For direct links to my company's website I have planned the following.

    • Guest posting (Not that easy, because it's not that common in my language)
    • Manual directory submissions
    • Manual forum posting
    • Manual, quality, relevant blog comments
    • Maybe buying some high PR domains, starting a "real" blog there about SMM/SEO and link my company's website from there
    • Links from clients
    • Link exchange from few companies that do SEO in my language
    • Link baiting (not that easy in my language, but I have few ideas)
    • Also trying to figure out more creative link building methods all the time

    I think that's all for now. I will try to update at least rankings few times a week. If you have any qustions about this project/guide/study I'm happy to answer. Also if you have any suggestions, ideas or do's and don'ts about my methods please let me know, I am always open for discussion. Here's rankings for now:

    SEO: 0
    SMM: 45
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    On top of the world!
    good luck! Should be interesting.
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    Looks good. subscribed.
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    Just subscribed, let see..
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    please post your updates for us to see the progress of your ranking method.