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    First of all I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this forum and those who have shared the information that I have learned from. I have basically been learning SEO for past 7 months; i started off reading solid for hours and hours trying to grasp it. It can seem a bit mind boggling to start off with but you will understand it with time + Action. If any of the information I have stated is wrong please be kind to me and constructively point out what error I have made. I?m no genius neither am I a Guru but what I have successfully ranked every site i have attempted on page one and I never got hit by the penguin update. I appreciate there may be posts like this elsewhere but I would like to make a positive contribution to the forum which has helped me to earn an income for myself as I have found it difficult since leaving the army.

    I would also like to state that I have made this post for those who are complete newbies and would like to understand some of the basic terminology of SEO while also working out what makes a site rank and a few various methods they could use.

    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    Search engine optimization is the process in which a website's visibility in the search engines is increased by improving the ranking position of the website.

    What is on site optimization and what are ways of doing it?
    Onsite optimization is where a site is edited to rank for specific targeted keywords which have been researched and are known to consistently get searches every month. Here are some of the basics you can do.


    Your content must be 100% unique and informative, if you copy content from elsewhere you might as well give up now as you will never prosper. Google penalises duplicate content. When you are writing your content it has to be interesting for the reader so that they would want to share it on all of their social media accounts thus creating backlinks to your website while increasing traffic and awareness. The reader is also more likely to subscribe or return to your website at a later date. It is recommended that you post to your website regular and keep it up to date, have a blog or a news feed, post videos and pictures. Try and send to your posts to all your social media accounts also. There are many services automating this part but i recommend doing it manual personally. Place your keywords within your content you can make them bold if you like but no need to do every single one bold maybe the one will do. My keyword ratio is between 1% and 3% but it?s no big issue. Always try and remember not to overdo it with the keywords. Always put the keywords in place without damaging the quality of the content and making it look UN natural and spammy.

    Title Tag and Meta description

    If you?re wondering what this is, it?s the title and description for your site that appears in the search results, in my opinion it is important that your keyword appears in both the title and description. If not at least a variation of the keyword, if still not possible a partial match. I highly recommend using wordpress for your sites as it is newbie friendly and a 13 girl blogging about Barbie and ken could use it. Apart from that it is jam packed with features and is pretty versatile with tons of plugins and themes. The reason I am mentioning this is if you have no idea how to edit the Meta title tag then there are plugins you can install in wordpress which that do it for you while you are creating your page.

    H1 H2 H3 (heading tags)

    These are html tags for the headings with in content, if you don?t know html then don?t worry
    Wordpress as the option to change it in the page/post editor through a click down menu on
    The left hand side. Just highlight the text click on the drop box on the left hand side and
    Choose which heading you would like to use. Like I have said previously DO NOT over do
    It with keywords in the headings. If you can implement the keywords in these without
    damaging content quality and without making it look spammy then go ahead.


    Always have at least 1 image in your content that that has the keyword in the image file
    name, the image title an the image alt tag. The more images the better with different
    Variations of the keywords.


    It?s good to have a good video in your content that people would like to share, not just that
    Google likes videos especially you tube videos as they own you tube.

    Page speed

    There are many factors that determine your page speed if you install the Firefox plugin
    That test?s your site and identify what needs working on. You can check that out over here

    These are some of the basics I would do to optimize my site. I would also think about putting
    A Facebook fan page widget on your site and the social media share buttons. While not
    forgetting to give people the option to subscribe to your mailing list.

    How do I do the keyword research?

    Go over to Google adwords and sign up, they have a keyword tool. It is best to set it to exact
    Using the little check box on the left hand side so you can get a good idea of how many
    searches the keywords are getting. You should also check the competition of the keywords by
    looking at the sites on the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] page and doing a allintitle:keyword search. The lower the results
    the easier it is to rank in a lot of cases. The keyword tool is here. <-Example of anchor text

    How do I do the offsite SEO?

    First of all I want to highlight some terminology here:

    • Backlinks ? backlinks are links to your website that appear on other websites.
    • Anchor text ? anchor text are the words that are visible for a clickable link. See above for the example of anchor text
    • PR (page rank) is a ranking from 0-10 set by Google for a particular site, 10 being the best.

    The main factor in my opinion for a site increasing in ranking position is how many backlinks a site has and what anchor text those particular back links have. For example if you wanted to rank your site for the word ?big spuds? then you would have your anchor text as ?big spuds?. I would diversify this and mix and match with variations like ?really big spuds? ?small spuds? etc etc. Also good to have your site linked to with other anchor text such as ?click here? or even no anchor text and just the url to cut down the footprint and make your back linking look natural.

    Be watch full of your link velocity

    Keep your link building consistent and steady from as many different sources with a high PR. DO NOT build 10,000 back links then do nothing for weeks and then do another 10,000 as this can look un natural. Build a steady amount of backlinks everyday while increasing all the time as this looks like natural growth.

    Make your back links relevant

    On the last penguin update Google stated that it was clamping down those who were putting their backlinks in irrelevant content. For example having a backlink with the anchor text ?unlock iPhone? on an article that is about cheeseburgers. So when building backlinks try and make them to relevant sites or most importantly make the content around your backlinks relevant and optimised for your keywords.

    Try and use unique content when building back links

    The more unique the content is around your backlinks the more weight they will carry. If not possible try and find a tool that scrapes articles and then mixes them and then spin it lightly so it still makes sense. I have been doing this and have seen results.

    There are so many methods and tools for getting backlinks, so search around, practice and most importantly take action. You will learn by applying everything you learn and seeing what works for you. With time you will get there just don?t give up. Keep reading, keep focused, set your self targets, write them down and don?t stop until you reach them. If you get knocked down get back up and go a different route. Manage your time wisely and don?t get distracted. Take a break, don?t sit on the computer 24 hours a day, have social time also.

    Hope this helped :)/
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    Nice info! Good for starters!!
    Rep given for quality :)
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this guide for newbies in SEO. Everyday there are new individuals entering the realm of IM.
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    Will make edits as i go along as to add more content to this, going to try and make it as comprahensive as possible
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    what is difference between PR NA and PR 0
    my domain had PR NA now its showing PR 0
    why is that ?
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    That means that big G hasnt assigned a page rank at all to your site yet. Page rank start with PR0. So when you start building links to your site, next page rank update you might get PR0 and then PR1 and so on.
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    Thanks OP. Have bookmarked this thread :)
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